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THE LAB by blanc doux - Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Ampoule

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  • SHEER HYDRATION ♦ With 10,000ppm Hyaluronic Acid, this Ampoule helps restore and reinforce your skin's natural moisture barrier
  • SAFE AND GENTLE ♦ Considered safe by EWG's Deep Skin Ingredient Database and Standards
  • AND RAPIDLY ABSORBED ♦ Formulated to be rapidly absorbed without the feeling or sense of heaviness on your skin
  • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ♦ With its limited ingredient composition profile and all-green verification, this ampoule can be used for all skin types
  • NATUALLY DERIVED HYALURONIC ACID: Moisturizes deeply from the bottom layer of the skin cells by attracting and holding moisture. The hyaluronic acid formula forms a hydrating layer which protects skin from irritation and dirt. The hydrating serum ampoule will deeply hydrate skin, revealing a youthful glow by stimulating cell regeneration and collage production. The signs of aging fine lines and s is going to be a thing of the past! The face serum will improve overall skin health.